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Gerry Jablonski
& The Electric Band (GB)

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Energiegeladener Power-Blues aus Schottland, dazu ein guter Schuß Blues-roots, fein abgestimmt mit etwas Classic Rock
- das sind Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band. Gegründet vom Ex-Fish/Marillion drummer Dave Innes sorgen die 4 Musiker mittlerweile für Fuore in England und brachten es innerhalb der 3 Jahre Ihres Bestehens sogar schon zur Nomminierung bei den weltberühmten British Blues Awards

Gerry Jablonski and The Electric Band is a high energy outfit from Scotland that blend blues roots with influences of classic rock. According to Classic Rock magazine, "Jablonski has the blues under his fingernails" and last year they certainly created quite a stir at the Colne Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival!

Anyone who has never seen Gerry and The Electric Band on stage is truly missing an incredible energetic, visually exciting and ear pleasing performance. With a past appearance at Jools Hollands Jamhouse for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, being voted Best Act at two festivals and a presence at numerous other festivals across the UK and Europe, this is a band not to miss!

The recent nominee for Best British Blues Guitarist (British Blues Awards) was influenced by trail blazing masters like Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter and Jeff Beck as well as the highest calibre of blues/rock outfits which include Led Zeppelin, Cream and The Who.

Melanie Dekker
(Vancouver/BC, CAN)
Mit Ihrer Interpretation des New-Pop ist die Kanadierin Melanie Dekker in Ihrer Heimat bereits ein Star und spielt in ausverkauften Sälen, steht mit Mega-Stars wie Bryan Adams, Faith Hill oder Diana Krall auf der Bühne.
Demnächst ist sie wieder in Europa auf Tour. Balsam für Augen und Ohren !!
With her interpretation of New-Pop the Canadian Melanie Dekker is a Star in Canada meanwhile - and joins the stage together with such artists like Bryan Adams, Faith Hill and Diana Krall.

She often tours Europe.
A true treat for your eyes and ears !!!
Michael Holloway
(Little Rock, Arizona, USA)
Sonne, Wüste, Whiskey, endlose Straßen
und Klapperschlagen - das bekommt man, wenn  Südstaaten-Blues-Gitarrist Mike Holloway seine "Dobro"-Gitarre zur Hand nimmt  und einen in seine Welt entführt.
Holloways Motto: "...spiele, als wäre dies
der letzte Abend Deines Lebens
... das ist der Blues"
Sun, desert, whiskey, endless long roads and rattlesnakes - that's what you get, if Southern-State-Blues-Guitar-Man Mike Holloway takes you into his world by playing his "Dobro-Guitar"

Holloway's motto: " as if it would be the last day in your life - that's the Blues!"


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